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Welcome to POLYGLOT

Welcome to POLYGLOT

Welcome to POLYGLOTWelcome to POLYGLOTWelcome to POLYGLOT

Vikram Sharma


Vikram is a B.Tech (Mechanical) with nearly 9 years of experience.

He is pursuing M.Sc in Supply Chain Management, Dublin, Ireland

As I was working in a German MNC, I always wanted to learn the language, die Sprache. Everyone said it is too tough but I wanted to give it a try.

Then I happened to find this institute POLYGLOT and  I went and talked to Pranjal sir. The moment I met him, I decided to learn the language there only. 

So far it has been a fantastic two and a half years. It all started with A1 and through different levels till C1. Wow!! We really made it. 

Thanks Pranjal sir!! 

Moreover, he also made my dream come true by getting me admitted to my MSc course in Ireland. No doubt, my bond with sir will be for life time. 

Thanks so much sir, may God bless you!! 

Alles Gute für die Zukunft!!

Prakul Pandit


Pursuing Masters in Computer Aided Conception and Production in Mechanical Engineering (CAME), RWTH Aachen, Aachen, Germany

A foreign Language isn’t an easy thing to learn, especially when you are a working individual. 

I did my B1 in German from POLYGLOT and I believe it were the learning methods and the flexible teaching techniques that helped me get to this level.

Once you are in POLYGLOT you not only learn the language but also about the particular country’s culture and its history. 

Unlike some of the other language institutes, POLYGLOT has a very friendly environment and provides several one on one interactions. 

Not to forget the huge collection of classic novels maintained by Pranjal sir which one can easily get to read once a member of reading club. 

POLYGLOT offers more than just a language classroom, because it has a great mentor in Pranjal sir.

A lot of credit in getting admission into a top German TU9 university, RWTH Aachen, goes to Pranjal sir’s help and advice without which I might not have been able to achieve my dreams. 

Rupal Sharma


Pursuing Bachelor's in Fashion Design, Rome, Italy  

My journey started when I planned to study abroad for my bachelor’s. I was planning to go to either Germany or Italy for fashion designing and I knew that language plays a very essential role in having a good experience. So I decided to learn both the languages but I went to several institutes and I didn’t find a good environment. Then, I finally came to know about POLYGLOT where I started with the A1 course here, thinking that it would be almost impossible for me to learn German given that it is a very complex language.

But as the time passed I realized that I have already finished till B1 and I was eventually simultaneously learning Italian also. I had not been at all ready to do this because it had seemed very difficult to me but thanks to Pranjal Sir, I could because he’s the one who always encourages me and has faith in me that I will be able to do so. I am really glad that I have been a part of POLYGLOT since 1 and half years now.

I am so thankful to POLYGLOT for offering me more than just a language class, because it has a great mentor in Pranjal Sir. 

Shumaaila Sayed


Pursuing MBBS at Capital Medical University, Beijing, China

When you decide to learn a language, it’s not just the language that you learn, but also the culture and history associated with it. 

I had seen the sign board of POLYGLOT numerous times, as I passed by it. But I had never actually thought of joining the institute.

As I was taking a break from my studies and had a lot of time to kill, so, I decided to give German language a shot. Even though German is considered one of the toughest languages, from the first day Pranjal Sir made it seemed very easy. The classes are full of fun and there are one-to-one interactions not only with Pranjal Sir but also with fellow students. The classes are innovative and very interesting.

There is also a book club, where people meet to talk about the books they’ve been reading, why they find that book particularly interesting and so on. There is a huge library made possible by the number of books Pranjal Sir reads and you can not only borrow books but even keep your personal collection there.

When you join POLYGLOT, you don’t just come here to learn a language. You take very important life lessons with you. Pranjal Sir has been a great mentor me, he has tried to guide me through my problems and help me persevere through them.

Prashant Motwani


Pursuing Masters in Sports & Event Management, Kedge Business School, Marseilles, France


Polyglot is the perfect institute for a student who wants to learn a foreign language. The faculty makes sure that the student gets familiar with not only the language but also the culture of the respective country. The teacher-student communication is very open and friendly and there is no doubt that cannot be resolved here.

I was admitted into a college in France for my masters and Polyglot was my number 1 option to learn the French language. The learning techniques and the resources are all top class and the institute makes sure that the student never returns home empty handed, with gaining abundance of knowledge everyday. It was a very warm welcome for me from Pranjal Sir as he made sure that I did not have any hesitations or anything while I joined.

All in all I would recommend Polyglot to everybody as the passionate will to learn will be matched by passionate teaching in the institute.

Tarun Saini

Study abroad work abroad in US Canada Australia Europe Ireland Germany IELTS TOEFL GRE GMAT Overseas

Pursuing MBA in International Business,

Dublin, Ireland

During my preparation for GMAT I was facing a huge language issue, then one of my friend suggested to me to visit POLYGLOT once. 

There I encountered Pranjal Sir and I simply loved the way he inspires learners to embrace the English language. 

He himself works hard for the students and gets totally involved with them to solve each and every problem - big or small. 

He always used to keep pushing me  and guiding me towards bettering my career. 

I had never thought that one random visit would bring so much change in my life - on both personal and professional fronts.

Today I am in Dublin pursuing my MBA in International Business all just because of Pranjal Sir.

Once again, thanks a lot Sir!!

Utkarsh Srivastava



Pursuing Bachelor's in Engineering (Computer Science), 

Universität Duisburg-Essen, Duisburg, Germany

I came to Polyglot when I decided to study in Germany but that was just a wane dream at the time. Then I started with the A1 course here, thinking it's almost impossible for me to learn German. But as the time passed, I realized that I have already surpassed the A2 level and have actually moved into B1. That was unbelievable since it had been only 7 months whereas it usually takes 1.5 years for a B1. Then came the next barrier to my dream: the IELTS exam, for which i studied in the same institute and received an 8.0, which I didn't even expect.

Polyglot also assisted me with all kinds of formalities that are associated with studying abroad, and now everyday I wake up, I thank Mr. Goswami for helping me get here.  

Every word of German coming out of my mouth is on him.  

I sincerely thank Polyglot.

Ich kam zum Polyglot, als ich beschloss, in Deutschland zu studieren, aber das war damals nur ein schwacher Traum. Dann habe ich mit dem A1-Kurs angefangen und damals schien es mir fast unmöglich, dass ich eines Tages so eine schwere Sprache als Deutsch fließend kann. Aber im Laufe der Zeit wurde mir klar, dass ich bereits den A2-Level überschritten habe und auf dem B1 Niveau bin. Das war unglaublich, da es nur 7 Monate war, weil es für ein B1 normalerweise 1,5 Jahre dauert. 

Danach kam das nächste Hindernis: die IELTS-Prüfung. Ich habe für sie auch im selben Institut studiert und ein 8.0 erhalten, das ich nie erwartet hatte .

Dann half Polyglot mir mit allen möglichen Formalitäten, die mit dem Auslandsstudium verbunden sind und jetzt jeden Tag, wann ich aufwache, danke ich Herrn Goswami, dass er mir geholfen hat, hierher zu kommen. 

Jedes Wort Deutsch, das ich spreche, schulde ich ihm.

Ich danke Polyglot herzlich!

Yash Kandera


Pursuing MS in Mechanical Engineering, 

Technische Universität Clausthal, Clausthal, Germany


My journey to Germany started with 'POLYGLOT'. I went to several institutes but I was not satisfied with their advice. 

Then, when I came to POLYGLOT I met Pranjal Sir and found that there was a way I could actually do my Masters abroad. 

He advised me to start with German language so that I could eventually go for my Masters in German language at a German University. 

After my B.Tech I spent my 10 months with POLYGLOT and those 10 months were the most memorable time period of my life. 

In that time I learnt a whole new language under wonderful guidance. 

In fact, I also joined the 'Polyglot Reading Club' and started to read novels, which has helped me to gain a lot of knowledge besides honing my communication skills. 

I also did basic Level 1 Spanish with Polyglot. 

Polyglot gave me a lot of positive experiences. 

Today I am in Germany and I can now confidently say "if you really want to be a POLYGLOT, then you should start with POLYGLOT"

Mitali Bhargava


Pursuing Fashion Marketing Management, 

Polimoda Institute of Fashion Design & Management, Florence, Italy

My journey started when I got admission at the Polimoda Institute of Fashion Design and Management, Florence, Italy where I was keen on pursuing Fashion Marketing Management. 

Italian was very essential for a good experience in Italy besides also professionally, so at Polyglot I did my Italian language course. 

The duration was short but in that short span of time, I managed to learn a whole new language under wonderful guidance. 

I would say Polyglot gave me a lot of positive and motivational experiences to move ahead in my life. 

I am very thankful to the faculty who gave me the knowledge and confidence as I was moving into a new course apart from the fact that it would be in an altogether a new country.

I strongly recommend everyone to join POLYGLOT as it is the best and makes you confident, more passionate about what you are doing.

Rachit Syag


Pursuing Masters in Management, 

EU Business School, 

Munich, Germany


Pranjal sir, I just wanted to share a quick note and let you know that you are doing a great job in not just helping the students to learn a new language but also guiding them and making the process fun. The time I spent in the classes learning German in POLYGLOT is something that I am going to cherish forever. 

PS: You are the coolest teacher ever !

Riddhima Dutt


Pursuing MSc in Management, 

Poitiers École de Management,    

Poitiers, France

I did my B2 in French from Polyglot Foreign Languages. It was a fantastic experience for me. I was able to understand the concepts of grammar and also realized that French is fun if it is taught like the way Polyglot does. 

I could really appreciate the language and today I can speak French thanks to Polyglot.

Also all the formalities regarding my placement for my studies abroad were done very smoothly and Polyglot did everything professionally.

All in all, I want to thank Polyglot not only for French or the placement abroad for my further education, but also for making me a part of the super-interesting Polyglot group. I got to meet many interesting people during my time at Polyglot.

Jyoti Bhardwaj

Overseas Education Study Abroad German French Spanish Italian Classes IELTS TOEFL GRE GMAT

Pursuing MBA in HRM

University of South Australia, 

Adelaide, Australia

I came across POLYGLOT institute when I decided to study abroad. I was looking for an institute where I could start my preparation for IELTS as it was the first step towards my dreams. There were a lot of questions going on in my mind when I was preparing for my IELTS like which country I should opt for, what are my study course options that are available based on my qualification and background, as I was open for all the study options. 

I was looking for a mentor who could guide me for all my queries and that was the time when Mr Pranjal Goswami came into the picture. Mr Goswami not only helped me in my preparation for IELTS but also has guided me throughout the process. He helped me in choosing the right course which is Masters in Human Resource Management and getting the offer letter from a good well known university (University of South Australia). 

They have a very friendly environment in the institute and they also conduct various activities which help you to learn languages in a healthy stress free way.

Sir, I can’t thank you enough for being the mentor to guide me for my future and helping me even during your vacation time. One will not find a teacher who gives his 100% in getting your placements and working hard on you to get you good scores. Words are not enough to thank you for your never ending efforts.