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Welcome to POLYGLOT

Welcome to POLYGLOT

Welcome to POLYGLOTWelcome to POLYGLOTWelcome to POLYGLOT

Pranjal Goswami is a HSLC rank-holder with a First Class First in Chemistry (Hons.) and an M.Sc in Inorganic Chemistry from Delhi University. 

He speaks seven languages, among them French, German, Spanish and Italian. 

During his German studies, he was a Stufenbester (batch topper across all batches for that level) in several semesters. He was noted for his strong command of languages in his other language courses as well.

He began his career as Faculty (German) moving on to Market Research where he managed a team of French, German, Spanish and Italian speakers, including expats, across projects. Just nine months into the job, he was promoted for his exceptional performance. Thereafter he managed French and German teams in different organizations, notably a large French speaking team during his time with HSBC, where he won the prestigious 100 Club Award (given to the Top 100 Performers across the organization) within a very short tenure.

In Deutsche Bank he led projects and transitioned critical German processes besides managing the German language program for all the India sites. He earned a reputation as a Subject Matter Expert in IBM where he was the Operations Leader for two very large German key accounts. As a General Manager in another organization, he led the entire Sales and Business Development function for the Francophone business covering Africa and attracting businesses from Europe to upcoming local African economies.

Pranjal's real-life practical experience of working with colleagues in various countries has given him a deep appreciation for acquiring exposure through Overseas Education.

In addition, his experiences while travelling in or working with different local businesses and counterparts in nearly 30 countries across Europe, Africa and Asia, in different verticals where Foreign Languages have always been the consistent horizontal, have given him a strong insight into how language plays a crucial role in assimilating in different cultures and in generating business performance. 

It is with this aim of percolating these experiences to the determined and career-focused individual that Pranjal started the journey called POLYGLOT.

POLYGLOT aims to facilitate options to Study Abroad which despite common perception is practically within everyone’s reach and also bring about quality education in Foreign Languages suiting current industry and market requirements.  POLYGLOT also aims to guide interested candidates to lucrative Jobs Abroad.

There are a host of options available abroad for further studies with institutions becoming more global and inclusive. It is proper planning that enables an individual to pursue career options overseas and POLYGLOT finds itself poised to deliver exactly to expectations.

Additionally, be it a working professional, a student, a frequent traveler or even for someone learning it as a hobby, a foreign language can certainly serve as a very strong qualification translating into benefits at work. POLYGLOT aims to provide flexible options to suit different requirements besides providing quality education for Foreign Languages so that the student can effectively leverage the competency into being a part of today’s niche and growing market.


Shilpi Bhuyan plays a crucial role at POLYGLOT.

Although she has played a pivotal role in setting up POLYGLOT and has been strongly involved in all facets of the institute’s functioning since the beginning, it was she who single-handedly set up the POLYGLOT Assam office at Guwahati. 

Managing everything from logistics to operations in the process, it is her untiring efforts that allowed POLYGLOT to bring these much-needed services to deserving students in Assam and other states of North East India.

An interior designer by training, Shilpi has had first hand experience of working with top firms and doing major projects for high-end clients. She studied Interior Design in GPW Chandigarh and has almost 20 years of professional experience in various cities with various organizations. 

People interaction is her forte and she brings an unprecedented sensitivity to the organization.

At POLYGLOT, she is the main force behind its social media presence. She herself contributes through regular articles and write ups which talk about various trends and new developments in terms of options to study abroad as well as opportunities in the fields of foreign languages.

Several students have already benefited from her articles and posts. It is through these that these students could identify opportunities and thus catalyze their careers. 

Having traveled widely in Europe and Asia, Shilpi has first hand experience of these cultures. As such, she is a keen proponent of innovation in all things and believes that it is the ability to think differently that defines the individual. Through her write-ups and posts she endeavours to encourage this approach in people. 

Shilpi is also an avid gardener and is extremely conscious about our impact on the environment. To this end, she attempts to continually bring in environment-friendly sustainable practices into her daily life.