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Welcome to POLYGLOT

Welcome to POLYGLOT

Welcome to POLYGLOTWelcome to POLYGLOTWelcome to POLYGLOT


Study Abroad. Get International Degrees. Learn A Foreign Language. Score Well In IELTS TOEFL GRE.

Thinking of studying abroad? It doesn't cost the earth!

We understand your desire to study abroad! 

It doesn't cost the earth but we'll guide you how to get into that dream course at an university or college abroad!

We help you find the best possible course in foreign universities basis our contacts and network!

Need to master a foreign language be it French, German, Spanish or Italian? POLYGLOT has it under the same roof!

Need IELTS or TOEFL or GRE or GMAT for admission into a course at a foreign college or university - we are there to provide you the right training so that you can get the best possible score!

French German Spanish Italian. International Certificates A1 till C2 Levels. IELTS TOEFL GRE GMAT

With POLYGLOT The World Is Your Oyster

You have a dream ..... nothing would please us more than to see it fulfilled.

What's our USP?

We send you where 'you' want to go!

There are tremendous opportunities for students from India to study overseas. The combination of increased awareness, desire to explore new domains, the variety of courses offered and the conscious efforts of institutions abroad to become more inclusive is a potent mix that augurs well for the Indian student’s aspirations to pursue further studies abroad.

Study in top colleges and universities abroad in US UK Canada France Germany Australia New Zealand

Holistic Consultancy

To get you started full throttle we'll help you all that you need for your studies abroad ..... not just till you get your admission in a college or university abroad BUT even beyond ..... to settle down ..... so that you have the best possible experience holistically

Get international exposure! 

Earn a degree from top colleges and universities in US, UK, France, Germany, other European countries, Australia, New Zealand and Canada!



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We ensure that you 'get' the desired for seat in the college or university of YOUR choice!

Studying abroad is something that requires knowledge of course, college and country: we are happy to help you get into the best possible overseas study course.


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When you plan to study in a foreign country, selecting a course and college can be a daunting task. 

We understand your dreams and make sure you start on the right path when you go overseas for your further studies.


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Anyone can prepare a PORTFOLIO or STATEMENT OF PURPOSE (SOP) / PERSONAL STATEMENT (PS) but does that guarantee you the seat in the course or university you have dreamt of?

How do you prepare a Portfolio for a Fashion Design course or for a Fine Arts course? How is the SOP for a MBA course different from that for a MS in Engineering?

This is where we come in: with our expertise and tips that ensure you get an offer to study abroad in the course that best suits your long term goal.


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The plethora of documents and the processes to be followed to get admission into that dream course of study abroad can be staggering. 

We help you find your way through the maze.


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Studying abroad does not end with getting your offer letter.

There are dozens of other things you have to work out before you can go abroad for your studies.

We help you through all that to ensure that everything happens smoothly.


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The student arrives in a foreign country for his studies and suddenly everything is bewildering.

We make the student a part of the POLYGLOT Overseas Community which consists of our former placed students, or contacts, thus ensuring that there is a reliable support network in any country he/she goes to!