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Welcome to POLYGLOT

Welcome to POLYGLOT

Welcome to POLYGLOTWelcome to POLYGLOTWelcome to POLYGLOT


Where? What? How? That's what POLYGLOT is for!

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Want to work abroad but don't know how to get there ... that's what POLYGLOT is for. 

We'll find your dream job for you!

POLYGLOT will help you crack that dream job!

Work overseas Study in Europe Canada Germany France Italy Middle East Dubai Singapore Abu Dhabi

OK ... so you have found that opportunity: now how do you crack it.

From our CV preparation services, to networking to sailing through the job interview, POLYGLOT will be with you during the entire journey.

Work in Europe, Australia, Canada, Middle East

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It's not easy to find your way through the maze of online postings or wading through the quagmire of job and visa regulations!

We not only find you that dream job abroad but help you negotiate your way through the maze.

Make your qualifications work!

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Are you doing as well as you can?

Are you earning as much as you can?

Are your career prospects as bright as they should be?

Make the most of your talents! 

Let your career fly!

Let your career soar!

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Getting a job is not the end of the story.

Once you are there in the country of your choice how do you make the most of your role?

POLYGLOT guides you throughout with guidance sessions, seminars and training sessions, so that you can map your path!

Additional Support

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A new environment can prove daunting!

POLYGLOT helps you settle down, by making you part of the POLYGLOT International Community so that you have seamless transition to your new role!